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Jeffrey Plucker: Author of The Sport of Selling: Highlight Reel

Jeffrey Plucker has pitched over 100,000 customers and businesses, working with smaller organizations as well as Fortune 500 companies, domestically and internationally.  He is the author of The Sport of Selling: Highlight Reel, his first book that takes the lessons and knowledge of sports and translates them to business to help improve your bottom line.

Jeff, learned how to market through the internet working for one of the top internet marketing companiesin the nation, consults businesses on their internet presence and web marketing. Having a deep understanding ofhow the search engines work and what it really takes to rank on the web, he has helped many companies turn theirwebsites from a necessary cost to a form of revenue generation.
Over his career Jeff has managed, trained and motivated thousands of sales reps, often turning poorperformers into leaders. He learned very quickly that a strong work ethic, great attitude and takingcontrol leads to success—all things he learned from playing sports. Learn more about Jeff and the Sportof Selling at and if you missed listening to Jeff live on Renegade Radio, you can listen to the recorded show here!