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Strategic Sales and Marketing Solutions For Small To Medium-sized Businesses

Stephanie True Moss  |  True Moss Communications
Start Up, Stand Out, Be Found – Why you need a pro to build your website!
Helping businesses increase their online and mobile presence.

Web Designer ~ QR Code Campaign Consulting ~ Graphic Designer ~ Social Media Consulting ~ National Conference Speaker

Stephanie True Moss is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Graphic design. She is a Highly Accomplished Design Professional with Proven Ability in Web & Graphic Design, she utilizes current Design Trends, Best Practices, SEO & Social Media.

She has designed for television at WGTV, the PBS station in Athens, GA. Where she designed on-air graphics, the monthly Program Guide and the vehicle-wrap graphics for the station’s mobile TV production studio.

True Moss was the in-house agency Art-Director at Munford, Inc. Of the many design opportunities there the most memorable was designing a set of commemorative cups for the slurpie-type product of Majik Markets convenient stores featuring KISS. Those cups are highly collectible and are often found on ebay.

Having a great sense of adventure and loving the sun, she accepted a position that included relocating from Atlanta to Miami! There she joined the Miami Herald as an information graphics specialist. There she also designed for Assurant and The University of Miami.

Returning to Atlanta after Hurricane Andrew, True Moss started True Moss Communications, Inc. Her first client was the University of Miami’s North-South Center designing their books, journals and other publications. Her clientele grew to include several New York publishers as well as local Alpharetta and Roswell companies.

Even though she comes from a print media background, True Moss branched out into web design in the late 1990s teaching herself to code by using trial and error. Many websites later and a Web Design Certification from Emory University, she focuses on creating websites for businesses and organizations both locally and nationally.

As an early adopter of social media she also consults with her clients on their social media presence and strategies.

True Moss is a QR Code subject matter expert, speaker, writer and consultant. She writes a blog focusing on QR Codes, mobile and NFC and the opportunities they offer at True Moss has written guest blog posts for several highly-rated, nationally-ranked PR blogs. She has spoken at many conferences, both local and national about QR Code Campaigns and Social Media. She will be speaking at the upcoming “The Social Launch Conference” on how businesses can successfully leverage QR Codes.

Having worked in the Design Industry her entire career, True Moss has experience in most every facet of designing for information delivery and helping businesses increase their presence online, in print, mobile, QR code marketing and social media is her passion. She co-moderates #QRchat Sunday nights at 8pm, ET. Read More about QR Codes at

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Tammy Hanson, President & CEO  |  Leading Sales Solutions, LLC
Revamp your sales and marketing process and procedures for 2012 Q4 and 2013 for success NOW!  Most owners have no idea what they “don’t know” about sales and marketing tactics these days. 

Some of the most asked questions – Where do you start?
-Social media
-What’s drip/nurture marketing?
-What’s preference marketing? 

It’s time now to really look deep inside how you, as a company, are performing the functions of finding new prospects and clients.

Ms. Hanson, President and CEO of Leading Sales Solutions, LLC, has 20+ years of sales and marketing experience and has held key positions with some of the largest Fortune brands as well as helping to propel numerous small businesses to the next level. Embracing the ‘servant leadership’ model of management, Ms. Hanson combines the experiences gained through a vast range of leadership positions in sales, marketing, engineering and operations to form the cornerstone of her success in business and management. This cross-departmental exposure uniquely positions her to assist and guide the strategic direction of her customers. 

Ms. Hanson is also a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, Tammy leverages her prior experience as a Constant Contact customer and combines it with her expertise in sales and marketing to help audiences and clients accelerate the growth of their businesses using the various engagement marketing tools.

Ms. Hanson was chosen from a candidate pool of approximately 2500 Constant Contact Business Solutions providers for this coveted “authorized Local Expert” role and is only 1 of 10 local in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Leading Sales Solutions (LSS) is a sales and marketing solutions provider with a unique constitution and philosophy. An agile team with a powerful set of experience and skills, we are one small business dedicated to serving other small and medium sized businesses. To put it simply, we understand small businesses and their needs. 

With LSS, your business can expect a full range of professional sales and marketing consulting services without the bloated teams, costly fees, and impersonal service. LSS means pure, concentrated talent at affordable rates.

We offer a full palette of proven, professional services in two general categories:

Sales & Marketing
• Sales Strategy
• Marketing Strategy
• Business Consulting
• Sales and Business Development

Writing and Design
• Content and Copywriting
• Document Design
• Creative/Rhetorical Consultation
• Project Management

404-409-9042  | |   www.leadingsalessolutions  |  @leadingsalessol


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How to Exploit Fiscal Leadership in Your Industry – 10 Secrets to Fiscal Growth

Gary Patterson, Trusted Advisor  |  FiscalDoctor Inc.
How to Exploit Fiscal Leadership in Your Industry – 10 Secrets to Fiscal Growth
Uncover Your Blind Spots and dramatically accelerate correct financial and fiscal leadership decisions!   Risks are what go wrong when you are not looking: those stupid things like bounced checks, losing your best customers or best people when you are blindsided. We help you create peripheral vision in your business so you are not caught unprepared. You need a perspective of business under the microscope and to have lived to tell the tale. (Audiences can expect a color commentary of insights which give a common sense approach to what people make complex, as companies grow, to solve problems easier than you think.)
Gary W. Patterson works with leaders to uncover blind spots IN TIME to make better business decisions and dramatically accelerate correct fiscal leadership decisions. This helps leaders gain control of their financial destinies and capitalize on hidden high return opportunities, while limiting risk exposure. Patterson, a Big 4 CPA/ Stanford MBA, speaks regularly on topics such as risk management, corporate governance, strategic planning, achieving corporate financial goals, and building long-term wealth.
He has more than 30 years of senior management experience and has provided high level strategic guidance for more than 200 companies — from start-ups to Fortune 500. — to provide high level strategic guidance and expertise. His company – FiscalDoctor® – helps CEOs, board members, executive teams, and private equity investors and owners achieve fiscal health. His new book Million Dollar Blind Spots: 20/20 Vision for Financial Growth helps exploit fiscal leadership to create high growth opportunities.
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Really Big Results and Office Angels

George Ishee
I believe results matter and I also believe the statement “If it’s not your genius, it’s not your job”. 

My genius is my ability to help others grow their business by creating systems that use automation to make life easier.

To demonstrate this value, I have created an online system that anyone can use to change how they market and sell their products. Automate your sales, pitch, lower your marketing costs and spend less time on marketing and selling and more time on closing deals and doing what you love which is implementing your product or service.

If you are frustrated with your growth, investigate this free online system and study the process. Build it once and then let people pre-qualify themselves. Automate your business training including HR, product and end user training.  |
Essie Escobedo, Chief Executive Angel  |  Office Angels

Stop Doing That! — Activities Critical to Small Business Success that YOU Shouldn’t Do

When we start a small business, we have to do everything. But there comes a time when the cost of continuing to do everything ourselves exceed the cost of hiring a professional take on some of them. In letting to of our “hats” we actually increase the likelihood of our business growing and flourishing. 


For Essie Escobedo, it all started with a physics degree which led to becoming a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate which led to being a business owner. Scratch your head if you must but it all makes perfect sense to Essie.

Her own never-ending passion for all things practical and intellectual prompted Entrepreneur Essie to see a void in the market and fill it. Instead of approaching the target market first, Essie flipped this business approach on its head and went after an often overlooked population – the at home workforce.

What is the at home workforce? A large and growing group of degreed and credentialed individuals who have left Corporate America with impeccable skills, proven track records and a passion for staying employed less than full time. These professionals bring expertise and a level of professionalism to the job that most small businesses can’t afford. However, these are the same small businesses that desperately need what all these non-employees have to offer – business acumen, flexibility and a “can do” attitude.

Don’t call them “employees.” In reality, the business owners they don’t call them employees. They aren’t employees at all – they are Essie’s angels.

A veteran small business owner with more than 20 years’ experience starting and running two success businesses, Essie knew what she needed when she was in the corner office – stellar accountants, administrators and project managers who were flexible enough to fit in where they were needed and move on to the next challenge. She also realizes that the employee-like performance she wanted had to come at a nonemployee-like price.

So, once again, Essie took a different path. She launched Office Angels to bring the skills and talents of a world class support staff to even the smallest business owner. Quickly navigating the delicate balance that comes with simultaneously acquiring clients and Angels, Essie harnessed the power and efficiency that only an at home workforce could deliver.

Most importantly, she brought the brilliant but forgotten population back into the fray. As a result of the Office Angel dream becoming a reality, Essie once again changed the way business was done. Outstanding assistance from proven professionals leveled the playing field as small business owners could access the same caliber of support once reserved for only the largest of industry leaders.

The physics major with the karate kick now functions as a matchmaker, putting Angels with owners. The at home workforce has a found a home with Essie.

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PrimeRevenue CEO PJ Bain and Big Lots VP Jared Poff

PJ Bain, Chief Executive Officer  |  PrimeRevenue, Inc.
Ways Big Lots Uses PrimeRevenue SCF to Support its Supplier Community

Many organizations are still reeling from the aftermath of credit crisis. The tightened credit market has resulted in less supply of financing and financing costs that have been spiraling up. This has meant a decline in viable options for suppliers hoping to enhance cash flow to address working capital concerns. Tune in to learn how Big Lots, Inc., North America’s largest broadline closeout retailer uses PrimeRevenue SCF to support its global supplier community.
As Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of PrimeRevenue, PJ Bain is responsible for the company’s overall corporate direction and performance. Prior to joining PrimeRevenue, PJ held a number of executive-level positions in technology, service and supply chain organizations. Most recently, PJ was the VP and General Manager of Exact Software, a leading global provider of business software solutions, where he was the senior executive responsible for operations throughout North America and Latin America. Prior to his tenure at Exact, PJ was founder and CEO of Inspired Solutions, an award winning firm that grew to be the largest reseller of Exact Software in North America. PJ orchestrated the successful sale of Inspired Solutions to Exact Software in 2005. PJ also led numerous acquisitions, co-founded several successful technology companies, and served as interim CEO for technology companies in transition. His advisory services to software and technology companies have leveraged his expertise in corporate structure, capitalization and funding, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and go- to-market planning and execution. 

PJ received his Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, where he was a walk-on member of the varsity football team and was an active member and held leadership roles in Sigma Nu Fraternity and other campus organizations and societies. PJ is actively involved with several charities in the Atlanta area, as well as his church, Roswell United Methodist Church. Outside of work PJ enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities with his family, including golf, snow skiing, bicycling, boating, hiking and many fitness and competitive sports. PJ is married to Susan Bain and has a 10 year old daughter Grace, and a 6 year old son Griffin.


Jared A. Poff, Vice President, Treasurer  |  Big Lots, Inc.
Ways Big Lots Uses PrimeRevenue SCF to Support its Supplier Community

Many organizations are still reeling from the aftermath of credit crisis. The tightened credit market has resulted in less supply of financing andfinancing costs that have been spiraling up. This has meant a decline in viable options for suppliers hoping to enhance cash flow to address workingcapital concerns. Tune in to learn how Big Lots Inc. uses PrimeRevenue SCF to support its global supplier community.
Jared Poff is Vice President, Treasurer for Big Lots, Inc., a Fortune 500 retail corporation with annual revenues exceeding $5.2 billion. As the nation’s largest broadline closeout retailer, Big Lots has over 1,500 stores throughout North America offering consumers a wide range of brand name merchandise, including closeouts, seasonal products, consumables, and furniture. 

Poff oversees cash management, corporate debt and liquidity, capital markets activity, corporate and retirement investments, corporate and credit risk management, and administration of the company’s equity compensation programs, private label credit program, and vendor financing program.

He brings over a decade of experience and leadership to his role. Prior to joining Big Lots, he was director of finance and investments for Cardinal Health, the leading provider of products and services supporting the healthcare industry. He also held key finance and accounting positions with Abercrombie & Fitch and Senior C.A.R.E. Retirement Centers.

He holds an MBA from Franklin University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, specializing in finance and international business, from Bowling Green State University, both in Ohio. Poff is a member of the Association of Financial Professionals and served as President of the Board of Trustees of the Central Ohio Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Additionally, he has been an adjunct professor of corporate finance at Franklin University and a member of the Accounting and Finance Advisory Board for Ohio Dominican University. He has been personally interviewed for and extensively contributed to articles in CFO Magazine, AFP Exchange Magazine,, APMatters, and was named one of the “100 Most Influential People In Finance” by Treasury and Risk Magazine.

Big Lots is North America’s largest broadline closeout retailer. As of the end of the second quarter of fiscal 2012, we operated 1,463 BIG LOTS stores in the 48 contiguous United States and 81 LIQUIDATION WORLD and LW stores in Canada. Wholesale operations are conducted through BIG LOTS WHOLESALE, CONSOLIDATED INTERNATIONAL, and WISCONSIN TOY and with online sales at

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Atlanta CEO Council: Relationships Matter

Harriett Hollis, Executive Director  |  Atlanta CEO Council
Relationships Matter
The Atlanta CEO Council is an organization of entrepreneurs, investors and services focused on creating the relationships that connect the community and support the next generation of business entrepreneurs.
Harriett Hollis joined the Atlanta CEO Council as Executive Director in 2009.  Previously Harriett was executive director of the Southeastern Software Association (now part of TAG) and a National Trust Main Street program in South Carolina. She was 2008 Campaign Manager for DeKalb County District 6 Commissioner Kathie Gannon. 

Harriett’s background is in communications and strategy, having worked as a writer, editor and producer in television, marketing manager for hardware and software companies and consultant to public relations firms on client strategy and messaging. Harriett has been an active leader in numerous civic organizations focused on strategic planning.

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Marty Mercer

Marty Mercer works with organizations that want to grow their sales with high-energy people delivering high-energy presentations.
Several years ago I entered a men’s clothing store for my annual “buy a bigger suit” event. I was great at increasing sales, but I had completely ignored my personal health and so became very good at increasing my weight as well. The salesman told me I needed a “Size 50 suit!” I was shocked, stunned. I knew I needed to change some things in my life.

And so I did! Let me help you and your teams before you wind up in the “Land of the Size 50 suit!” Over the last 20 years I have closed or managed the closing of over $130 million of sales to over 500 customers. From those experiences I have found the best sales processes and sales methodologies. I have discovered the best way to engage your audiences so that when you are done speaking to them, they are moved to action. And, finally, I have realized that yes, you can integrate a busy work schedule with a powerful personal fitness schedule.

My motto is “If I Can Do It, So Can You!” Let me show you how!

404-351-4946 (O) | 770-335-9263 (C)


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IT Systems: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Shawn Brown, CEO  |  Snap Technology, Inc.

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Their IT Systems

Snap Technology, Inc., located in Cumming, GA, is a leading technology consulting firm that provides outsourced IT Support and Management to both companies and private schools. We are committed to ensuring that your technology is running optimally, so that you can remain focused on your company, mission, and profitability.

With a focus on customer service and quality technology solutions, Snap Technology is your True Technology Partner.  For ten years, we have been committed to our clients’ success. Whether it’s helping businesses gain a competitive advantage or helping schools provide better education, our passion lies in helping you succeed.

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Extreme Risk: The Life of BASE Jumping

Perry Bell, President  |  Solar Energy USA
Extreme Life Risk ( The Life of BASE Jumping )

The psychology of people who take extreme risk are not always understood. There are many ways to analyze the behavior, but we can go directly to the source and ask those who know first hand why.

Perry Bell is the President of Solar Energy USA who wholly owns Net Zero USA as well. Net Zero USA’s goal is to uncover as much energy reduction opportunities and implement them for their industrial customers to reduce their bottom line. Some companies survival depends on these successes. Energy reduction first, then energy production second.

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Scott Goodnight | Finding Your Hero

Scott Goodnight, Founder  |  Finding Your Hero

Finding Your Hero

In today’s society too many people have gone down the dead end road of materialism seeking a life of significance thru false values. They bought into the philosophy of “Fake it till you make it” and all they ended up with is a fake life. Jaded and frustrated they become critics, victims and bystanders in their own lives. 

The Finding Your Hero Project is dedicated to helping people dig deep down inside and find the lost hero, the one who knows the REAL gold is not in “things” or security and conformity but rather in LIVING every day adventurously on the edge… where few people dare to go!

Scott Goodknight is a Peak Performance Expert, Ex Army Airborne Ranger, Certified NLP Facilitator, Author, Adventurer, “Breakthru” Workshop Leader, Guide, Mentor, Creator of the Mental M.A.P.S. Program of Personal Achievement,Founder of the Break Your Fear Adventure Club and the Founder of the Finding Your Hero Project.

Scott’s Mission is to help YOU Find your HERO and live an Epic Life of Amazing Adventure

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How to Get More Referral Business: Helping with out Hustling

Steve Beecham, Author  |  Bass-Ackward Business

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Helping with out Hustling- How to Get More Referral Business
President of Home Town Mortgage in Alpharetta
Past President of the GA Assoc. of Mortgage Brokers
Author of Bass-Ackward Business
Dan Merkel, Senior Account Executive  |  Southern States Insurance

Professional Independent insurance agent for over 20 years specializing in insuring businesses and real estate serving clients both domestically and internationally.

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Strategies for Managing Less and Accomplishing More

Seth Davies, Managing Partner  |  Competitive Solutions, Inc.

Strategies for Managing Less and Accomplishing More

All too often, companies become stagnant in their leadership processes and techniques and as a result, a wide gap is formed between employees and management. This gap results in an “us vs. them” mentality. In order to be effective, managers must learn the principles of “UnManagement.” This entails knowing how to develop processes that tie into key business objectives and learn to manage by using these processes, not personality. Managers will also develop an accountability process that will reinforce and drive business results. This session is designed to help leaders drive business objectives throughout their organization using the UnManagement principles and create a communication process to increase trust and improve morale. At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:
• Use the principles of UnManagement to build trust and communication in their organization
• Know how to develop, track, and implement key business objectives
• Know how to use processes, such as business scorecards and action registers, to drive accountability.
Seth has over 19 years experience in the consulting and training arena. Seth stresses organizations today must create and sustain a culture with three non-negotiable attributes. Those attributes include: a sense of urgency, a clear and concise business focus and leadership driven, shared accountability. At Competitive Solutions, Inc. he is a managing partner and senior consultant delivering business solutions to organizations. Organizations he has worked with include Pfizer, Goodwill Industries, Revlon, Genzyme, Manatee County Tax Collector, Michelin Tire, Genetech, National Institute Severely Handicapped (NISH)

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