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Strategic Sales and Marketing Solutions For Small To Medium-sized Businesses

Stephanie True Moss  |  True Moss Communications
Start Up, Stand Out, Be Found – Why you need a pro to build your website!
Helping businesses increase their online and mobile presence.

Web Designer ~ QR Code Campaign Consulting ~ Graphic Designer ~ Social Media Consulting ~ National Conference Speaker

Stephanie True Moss is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Graphic design. She is a Highly Accomplished Design Professional with Proven Ability in Web & Graphic Design, she utilizes current Design Trends, Best Practices, SEO & Social Media.

She has designed for television at WGTV, the PBS station in Athens, GA. Where she designed on-air graphics, the monthly Program Guide and the vehicle-wrap graphics for the station’s mobile TV production studio.

True Moss was the in-house agency Art-Director at Munford, Inc. Of the many design opportunities there the most memorable was designing a set of commemorative cups for the slurpie-type product of Majik Markets convenient stores featuring KISS. Those cups are highly collectible and are often found on ebay.

Having a great sense of adventure and loving the sun, she accepted a position that included relocating from Atlanta to Miami! There she joined the Miami Herald as an information graphics specialist. There she also designed for Assurant and The University of Miami.

Returning to Atlanta after Hurricane Andrew, True Moss started True Moss Communications, Inc. Her first client was the University of Miami’s North-South Center designing their books, journals and other publications. Her clientele grew to include several New York publishers as well as local Alpharetta and Roswell companies.

Even though she comes from a print media background, True Moss branched out into web design in the late 1990s teaching herself to code by using trial and error. Many websites later and a Web Design Certification from Emory University, she focuses on creating websites for businesses and organizations both locally and nationally.

As an early adopter of social media she also consults with her clients on their social media presence and strategies.

True Moss is a QR Code subject matter expert, speaker, writer and consultant. She writes a blog focusing on QR Codes, mobile and NFC and the opportunities they offer at True Moss has written guest blog posts for several highly-rated, nationally-ranked PR blogs. She has spoken at many conferences, both local and national about QR Code Campaigns and Social Media. She will be speaking at the upcoming “The Social Launch Conference” on how businesses can successfully leverage QR Codes.

Having worked in the Design Industry her entire career, True Moss has experience in most every facet of designing for information delivery and helping businesses increase their presence online, in print, mobile, QR code marketing and social media is her passion. She co-moderates #QRchat Sunday nights at 8pm, ET. Read More about QR Codes at

770-833-9728  | |  |  @truemc

Tammy Hanson, President & CEO  |  Leading Sales Solutions, LLC
Revamp your sales and marketing process and procedures for 2012 Q4 and 2013 for success NOW!  Most owners have no idea what they “don’t know” about sales and marketing tactics these days. 

Some of the most asked questions – Where do you start?
-Social media
-What’s drip/nurture marketing?
-What’s preference marketing? 

It’s time now to really look deep inside how you, as a company, are performing the functions of finding new prospects and clients.

Ms. Hanson, President and CEO of Leading Sales Solutions, LLC, has 20+ years of sales and marketing experience and has held key positions with some of the largest Fortune brands as well as helping to propel numerous small businesses to the next level. Embracing the ‘servant leadership’ model of management, Ms. Hanson combines the experiences gained through a vast range of leadership positions in sales, marketing, engineering and operations to form the cornerstone of her success in business and management. This cross-departmental exposure uniquely positions her to assist and guide the strategic direction of her customers. 

Ms. Hanson is also a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, Tammy leverages her prior experience as a Constant Contact customer and combines it with her expertise in sales and marketing to help audiences and clients accelerate the growth of their businesses using the various engagement marketing tools.

Ms. Hanson was chosen from a candidate pool of approximately 2500 Constant Contact Business Solutions providers for this coveted “authorized Local Expert” role and is only 1 of 10 local in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Leading Sales Solutions (LSS) is a sales and marketing solutions provider with a unique constitution and philosophy. An agile team with a powerful set of experience and skills, we are one small business dedicated to serving other small and medium sized businesses. To put it simply, we understand small businesses and their needs. 

With LSS, your business can expect a full range of professional sales and marketing consulting services without the bloated teams, costly fees, and impersonal service. LSS means pure, concentrated talent at affordable rates.

We offer a full palette of proven, professional services in two general categories:

Sales & Marketing
• Sales Strategy
• Marketing Strategy
• Business Consulting
• Sales and Business Development

Writing and Design
• Content and Copywriting
• Document Design
• Creative/Rhetorical Consultation
• Project Management

404-409-9042  | |   www.leadingsalessolutions  |  @leadingsalessol


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How to Exploit Fiscal Leadership in Your Industry – 10 Secrets to Fiscal Growth

Gary Patterson, Trusted Advisor  |  FiscalDoctor Inc.
How to Exploit Fiscal Leadership in Your Industry – 10 Secrets to Fiscal Growth
Uncover Your Blind Spots and dramatically accelerate correct financial and fiscal leadership decisions!   Risks are what go wrong when you are not looking: those stupid things like bounced checks, losing your best customers or best people when you are blindsided. We help you create peripheral vision in your business so you are not caught unprepared. You need a perspective of business under the microscope and to have lived to tell the tale. (Audiences can expect a color commentary of insights which give a common sense approach to what people make complex, as companies grow, to solve problems easier than you think.)
Gary W. Patterson works with leaders to uncover blind spots IN TIME to make better business decisions and dramatically accelerate correct fiscal leadership decisions. This helps leaders gain control of their financial destinies and capitalize on hidden high return opportunities, while limiting risk exposure. Patterson, a Big 4 CPA/ Stanford MBA, speaks regularly on topics such as risk management, corporate governance, strategic planning, achieving corporate financial goals, and building long-term wealth.
He has more than 30 years of senior management experience and has provided high level strategic guidance for more than 200 companies — from start-ups to Fortune 500. — to provide high level strategic guidance and expertise. His company – FiscalDoctor® – helps CEOs, board members, executive teams, and private equity investors and owners achieve fiscal health. His new book Million Dollar Blind Spots: 20/20 Vision for Financial Growth helps exploit fiscal leadership to create high growth opportunities.
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