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IT Systems: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Shawn Brown, CEO  |  Snap Technology, Inc.

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Their IT Systems

Snap Technology, Inc., located in Cumming, GA, is a leading technology consulting firm that provides outsourced IT Support and Management to both companies and private schools. We are committed to ensuring that your technology is running optimally, so that you can remain focused on your company, mission, and profitability.

With a focus on customer service and quality technology solutions, Snap Technology is your True Technology Partner.  For ten years, we have been committed to our clients’ success. Whether it’s helping businesses gain a competitive advantage or helping schools provide better education, our passion lies in helping you succeed.

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Extreme Risk: The Life of BASE Jumping

Perry Bell, President  |  Solar Energy USA
Extreme Life Risk ( The Life of BASE Jumping )

The psychology of people who take extreme risk are not always understood. There are many ways to analyze the behavior, but we can go directly to the source and ask those who know first hand why.

Perry Bell is the President of Solar Energy USA who wholly owns Net Zero USA as well. Net Zero USA’s goal is to uncover as much energy reduction opportunities and implement them for their industrial customers to reduce their bottom line. Some companies survival depends on these successes. Energy reduction first, then energy production second.

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| Renegade Radio host Andy Lowe is a highly experienced Mindset Coach, Triathlon Coach and Performance Expert for businesses, athletes and top performers.  To learn more go to


Scott Goodnight | Finding Your Hero

Scott Goodnight, Founder  |  Finding Your Hero

Finding Your Hero

In today’s society too many people have gone down the dead end road of materialism seeking a life of significance thru false values. They bought into the philosophy of “Fake it till you make it” and all they ended up with is a fake life. Jaded and frustrated they become critics, victims and bystanders in their own lives. 

The Finding Your Hero Project is dedicated to helping people dig deep down inside and find the lost hero, the one who knows the REAL gold is not in “things” or security and conformity but rather in LIVING every day adventurously on the edge… where few people dare to go!

Scott Goodknight is a Peak Performance Expert, Ex Army Airborne Ranger, Certified NLP Facilitator, Author, Adventurer, “Breakthru” Workshop Leader, Guide, Mentor, Creator of the Mental M.A.P.S. Program of Personal Achievement,Founder of the Break Your Fear Adventure Club and the Founder of the Finding Your Hero Project.

Scott’s Mission is to help YOU Find your HERO and live an Epic Life of Amazing Adventure

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How to Get More Referral Business: Helping with out Hustling

Steve Beecham, Author  |  Bass-Ackward Business

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Helping with out Hustling- How to Get More Referral Business
President of Home Town Mortgage in Alpharetta
Past President of the GA Assoc. of Mortgage Brokers
Author of Bass-Ackward Business
Dan Merkel, Senior Account Executive  |  Southern States Insurance

Professional Independent insurance agent for over 20 years specializing in insuring businesses and real estate serving clients both domestically and internationally.

| Renegade Radio host Andy Lowe is a highly experienced Mindset Coach, Triathlon Coach and Performance Expert for businesses, athletes and top performers.  To learn more go to

Strategies for Managing Less and Accomplishing More

Seth Davies, Managing Partner  |  Competitive Solutions, Inc.

Strategies for Managing Less and Accomplishing More

All too often, companies become stagnant in their leadership processes and techniques and as a result, a wide gap is formed between employees and management. This gap results in an “us vs. them” mentality. In order to be effective, managers must learn the principles of “UnManagement.” This entails knowing how to develop processes that tie into key business objectives and learn to manage by using these processes, not personality. Managers will also develop an accountability process that will reinforce and drive business results. This session is designed to help leaders drive business objectives throughout their organization using the UnManagement principles and create a communication process to increase trust and improve morale. At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:
• Use the principles of UnManagement to build trust and communication in their organization
• Know how to develop, track, and implement key business objectives
• Know how to use processes, such as business scorecards and action registers, to drive accountability.
Seth has over 19 years experience in the consulting and training arena. Seth stresses organizations today must create and sustain a culture with three non-negotiable attributes. Those attributes include: a sense of urgency, a clear and concise business focus and leadership driven, shared accountability. At Competitive Solutions, Inc. he is a managing partner and senior consultant delivering business solutions to organizations. Organizations he has worked with include Pfizer, Goodwill Industries, Revlon, Genzyme, Manatee County Tax Collector, Michelin Tire, Genetech, National Institute Severely Handicapped (NISH)

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What to do when you’re not sure what to do?


Debra Pauli, President  |  Corporate Financial Solutions, LLC

What to do when you’re not sure what to do?

If you are an owner, board member, senior executive or part of a family business then you will likely face challenges you’re not quite sure how to address. You won’t want to miss this program…why? Because we’ll introduce you to concepts and people to help you deal with these challenges.
Corporate Financial Solutions has earned a reputation for getting to the underlying truth of crucial financial issues within companies and with discretion. Debra Pauli founded the firm in 1997 and brings senior level experience, on site, to evaluate issues crucial to minimizing risk in business transition. 

As a CPA with additional certifications in Financial Forensics (CFF), Business Valuation (CVA) and Turnaround (CTP), Ms. Pauli brings expertise and experience to company stakeholders facing challenges due to growth, decline or management performance issues. Ms. Pauli has consulted with Boards, Owners and Lenders in supporting stakeholders with such business challenges as management change, cash shortage due to business decline, and investigation of business opportunities. Ms. Pauli’s experience includes CFO of a growth company experiencing challenges due to parent company financial reversals and Controler of an NYSE company in transition due to industry change.

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How to Start a Virtual Business

Nancy Bailey, President  |  Hire Profile, Inc.

Starting a Virtual Business
How to set up a successful virtual company. What you really need, what is your focus, how to stay on task and how to look professional to the outside world.

Nancy Bailey is founder and president of Hire Profile Inc., a WBENC certified woman owned business. Nancy’s background in the creative world includes work at some of the industry’s best known agencies including BBDO, Team One and Saatchi & Saatchi. Recruited away from Los Angeles in 1995, Nancy came to Atlanta to open the creative division of a major staffing agency where she led their creative staffing team until launching her own business in 2002. Named a Top 25 Entrepreneur Awards “One to Watch” by Catalyst Magazine for 2007. She has made a conscious choice to keep her business virtual and has become an expert on virtual offices and hopes to help others achieve their lifestyle and financial dreams, virtually.

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Social Bug Media | County Club of Roswell

Shelly Brown, Founder/CEO  |  Social Bug Media
Let’s Get Social
Simple tips to help you leverage social media to to attract more clients, build your brand, and grow your business!
Shelly Brown is the Founder and CEO of Social Bug Media. Whether it’s training a group or working one-on-one with a client to map out a social media strategy, Shelly’s focus is always on providing simple, easy-to-implement, results-oriented solutions. After ten years of personal entrepreneurial success, ranging from an online business to a retail storefront, Shelly now uses her own personal experience and strategies to help her clients succeed.
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Mike Davis, General Manager  |  Country Club of Roswell

What’s it like to be a Member of a private club?
Imagine going to a restaurant, bar, golf course or tennis courts where all your friends hang out and everyone knows your name. Your kids can come here too and they will be safe and learn to play golf and tennis. And the food is great, the beer is cold and we have all your favorite drinks. It’s your home away from home.

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Taking Career Coaching Out of the Boardroom

Hallie Crawford, Founder and Certified Coach  |  Create Your Career Path

Taking Career Coaching Out of the Boardroom

Career coaching has typically been a perk of being a CEO or executive at an organization. With the economic downturn and the resulting need for every professional to actively manage their career, coaching has become even more important for professionals, inside and outside of the boardroom. Hallie Crawford, Founder of Create Your Career Path and Certified Coach, discusses how professionals at any level can leverage coaching to their advantage to further their career, define their next career direction and enhance their work performance. She will give you 3 ways you can best leverage a career coach as well as other career resources to protect your best investment-your career.
Hallie is a certified coach, speaker and author from Atlanta whose coaching company, Create Your Career Path, helps people identify their ideal career path, navigate their career transition and nurture their careers. She is living her passion. Her team of coaches work with people of all ages, have clients worldwide, and have helped thousands of people achieve their career goals. She’s been coaching for over 10 years, and has undergrad and graduate degrees from Vanderbilt and the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has served on the Board of the Georgia Coach Association, and is regularly featured as a career expert in the media including CNN, Fox Business News, the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo HotJobs, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Launching a Successful Job Search Campaign in Today’s Tough Economy

Wanda Kiser, President/CEO  |  Elite Resume Writing Services, Inc.
Launching a Successful Job Search Campaign in Today’s Tough Economy
Let’s face it, finding employment in today’s job market is tough. For every opening or requisition, there are countless candidates competing to gain the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. This topic will cover effective tips and strategies to assist job seekers in positioning themselves for success and how to outshine the competition.
Wanda is a Certified Professional Career Coach and a multi-credentialed Resume Writer with more than 12 years of experience and a proven track record of success in career coaching and in crafting stellar resumes. Wanda is client-oriented, flexible, and focused. She is passionate about helping others realize their career potential. Committed to providing outstanding customer service and support, Wanda takes pride in ranking among the very best in equipping career seekers with the skills and strategies necessary to win in today’s tough job market. 

Prior to founding Elite Resume Writing Services, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, Wanda had been a top Operations and Training Development Professional in a major Fortune 500 corporation for over 21 years. This gave her the knowledge and perspective needed to coach graduating seniors, entry-level employees, career changers, professional managers, and senior executives alike.

Leveraging exceptional communication, organization, presentation, comprehensive research, and client relationship management skills, Wanda assists clients with everything from job search strategies, to creating winning resumes, improving interviewing skills, and negotiating fair and equitable compensation packages.

As a highly articulate and effective communicator, Wanda works well with individuals on all levels. Acknowledged as a resource person and key contributor to numerous organizations, she has consistently achieved the highest possible ratings for organizing and facilitating highly effective coaching and development sessions.

Credentials include:
Master of Business Administration in Advanced Leadership (MBA)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management (BBA)
Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)
Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP)
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW)
Career Thought Leader Workshop Facilitator
Contributing Author to numerous Expert Resume Publications
Ezine Articles Expert Author
Certified Six-Sigma Greenbelt

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