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Small Business Education Series: HR/Insurance/Communications

Barry Flink,  Executive Vice President & Partner  |  FlexHR, Inc.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Human Resources
Barry is Executive Vice President and Partner of FlexHR, Inc. in North Atlanta. As one of the
Southeast’s leading consulting organizations, FlexHR specializes in managing change, human
capital issues and providing executive level human resource leadership to small and medium sized
404 252 3779  |  |
Dan Merkel  |  Southern States Insurance

Insurance Made Easy

We keep it simple and respect the fact that our clients don’t engage in insurance issues every day like we do. We are highly educated in insurance so we know what we are doing and we can present it in a way
you can understand it.
678-715-0415  |  |
Maggie Anderson  |  Communications Expert

A marketing communications expert and a coach, Maggie Anderson works with entrepreneurs to transform the way their companies are perceived in
the marketplace.  Change the perception and everything changes.  She refines and aligns your branding and messaging so your ideal prospects can find you.
Maggie has more than 20 years’ experience producing marketing communications for high level executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. She recently published Do You Stand Out Enough? Much more than a book, it is a step-by-step guide for experts with exercises to refine your vision and lay the foundation for a powerful marketing strategy.
404-842-1958  |  }


Cell Phone Series: Zagg invisibleSHIELD and Bob Knows Phones

Kevin Binette and Harrison Funk, Owners  |   ZAGG invisibleSHIELD®

Start Small – Think Big
Starting a business in today’s economy is risky to some, but there is no better time to start your own
business for those who are interested in pursuing financial freedom. Many never even get started
in business ownership because of doubt, fear or lack of motivation. ZAGG invisibleSHIELD business
owners, Kevin Binette and Harrison Funk talk about their experience getting started in the retail business
opportunity and share some of their experiences, philosophies and strategies along the way.  |

Joel Quinn, Managing Partner  |  Bob Knows Phones
Bob is Smart. He Can Help.
Bob Knows Phones™is a local company that can fix your cracked screen, dry up that water damage, and
do a dozen other cell phone repairs.
Stop by and let us put in a new, original part on your phone. Drop off your smart phone at lunch — and
pick up on the way home, all fixed-up and shiny again. You’ll be surprised by what we can do at Bob
Knows Phones.
A cracked screen on your smart phone is annoying; an iPhone or Droid with water damage is a
paperweight. But have you ever called your cell phone company for a replacement? “Pay full price, or get
a price break but extend your contract” — that’s what you’ll hear.
There is a better, smarter way. Right here in Atlanta.  We currently have two locations to serve you. Call us now in Atlanta (678-298-3191) or Conyers (678-374-7387 (or email) to ask a question, or get a free estimate. We are here 7 days a week.
“What’s it cost?”
A lot less than what you’ll pay at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile! At Bob Knows Phones, you can
expect to save up to 80% over what those guys charge. And we guarantee our work.

2221 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta  |  678-298-3191  |  |  @bobknowsphones



How to Position Your Company to Thrive in the Relationship Economy


Paul Collins, Vice President  |  Sagepath

How to Position Your Company to Thrive in the Relationship Economy

In a world of abundance and hyper-connectivity, companies must focus on more than profitability
and the bottom line. Rather, they must become more transparent and purpose driven. That’s because
consumers have the tools and devices to instantly share in the brand experience and provide influential
recommendations. Consequently, they’re more selective and discerning about the companies they
associate with and why.  Therefore, companies need to think and act more symbiotically, openly and honestly. They must embrace two-way dialogues with their customers, and engage less in “selling” and more in providing useful,
relevant information consistently across multiple marketing communications channels and devices.
Sagepath is a highly creative, multi-disciplined digital agency that follows a responsive, flexible and
nimble process that is custom-tailored to successfully guiding clients down the most direct and successful
path for their brand.

770-331-5747  |  |  www.sagepath  |  @the_blue_rabbit


Marge Bieler, Communications Knowledge Manager  |  Movero

7 Key Ways to Use LinkedIn to Drive Revenue

Learn how the social media revolution is impacting business and mankind. Learn the 7 key ways you can leverage LinkedIn and other social media platforms to drive revenue, increase your sales pipeline, gain valuable insight onyour prospects, accelerate deals, and be viewed as an expert in your field.  Social Media Facts: Half the world is under the age 30. Social media has over taken porn as the #1 activity on the web. LinkedIn includes executives from every company listed on the Fortune 500. Kindergartners are learning on iPads not chalkboards. Facebook and YouTube tops Google’s weekly traffic.

770-367-2795  |  |  |@moveroinc

School for Start-Ups / Definition 6 / Smartsoft Mobile Solutions


Michael Kogon, CEO  |  Definition 6

Definition 6 is a Unified Marketing Agency that creates brand experiences that unite brands and people in motion. Through imagination, innovation and insight, we execute ideas that deliver continued value across all brand interactions. Since 1997, Definition 6 has been helping clients redefine brand experiences by unifying the disciplines of marketing and technology.

With offices in Atlanta, New York and Dallas, Definition 6 supports a fast-growing client base that includes The Coca-Cola Company, HBO, La Quinta Inns & Suites, Verifone, Cox Enterprises, Nickelodeon, Mitsubishi and Cinnabon. For more information on Definition 6’s Unified Marketing Services, or to learn more about the agency’s award-winning work, please visit

Dan Homrich, CEO  |  Smartsoft Mobile Solutions, Inc.

Mobile – The Future of Business

We view mobility as one of three avenues of software growth and innovative thinking (Mobile, Cloud, BigData). We’re leading the way by providing innovative mobile solutions.

Mr. Homrich is responsible for strategy and execution at Smartsoft Mobile Solutions, Inc. In his role as CEO, Dan has ultimate responsibility for meeting and exceeding all customer and partner expectations.
Dan has a successful history of developing and deploying mobile applications for the healthcare, retail, field services,utilities, warehousing, distribution, and logistics industries. His career encompasses over 20 years of key leadership positions in Fortune 500, public, private, and start-up companies.
Under Dan’s leadership, Smartsoft Mobile Solutions has delivered world class B2B and B2C mobile solutions. Leveraging his rich mobile experience of 25 years, Smartsoft is providing innovative solutions in the enterprise mobile landscape. In addition to winning business with global Fortune 100 companies, Smartsoft has been recognized as a Top 40 TechnologyInnovation company. Smartsoft has coined the term B2E – Business to Everyone, driving additional ROI out of existing back-office solutions by leveraging an enterprise perspective of mobility. Smartsoft is Dan’s fourth technology start-upcompany.
Since its inception in 2009, Smartsoft has helped companies like SAP, The Home Depot (US & CA), Carrier, Honda,McKesson, Hobby Lobby achieve their business objectives with innovative mobile solutions.
Dan’s leadership background includes executive management roles at IBM, (Royal Dutch) Philips, Cox Communications,Lanier Healthcare, Utility Partners, and American Software. His responsibilities with firms have included managing global organizations, professional services, research & development, production, sales & sales support, implementation, andsupport.
Mr. Homrich has been interviewed numerous times and has been quoted in several business publications. He is recognized asa thought leader in the mobile industry and is a frequent speaker on the subject.  |  404-550-1109  |


Jim Beach  | School for Startups

Entrepreneurship is not about risk, creativity, or passion. We were lucky enough to be published by McGraw Hill. The book, School for Startups, argues that anyone can be an entrepreneur. Seventy-two percent of Americans wish they were entrepreneurs. When this seventy-two percent of people see that risk and creativity can be removed, no excuse remains for inertia. The book has reached as high as #11 on Amazon’s business section, and features inside stories about several interesting, yet very real and relatable, entrepreneurs.

Jim Beach’s first book, School for Startups, was published by McGraw-Hill in June 2011. Jim has started businesses and has taught entrepreneurship around the world. At the age of 25, Jim founded American Computer Experience and grew the company with no capital infusion to $12 million in annual revenue and to over 700 employees, operating in 39 states and in three countries. Jim taught entrepreneurship at Georgia State University  for nine years and in 2009, and ranked number one in the business school for 12 straight semesters. In 2010, he founded School for Startups, which has taught over 7000 people to be low risk entrepreneurs. He has been featured in a UPS commercial, CNN called him the Simon Cowell of small business, and corporations like Wells Fargo, Toshiba, UPS, and SunTrust have hired him as a speaker and consultant.  |  678-640-0770  | |  @EntrepreneurJim


Getting Your House in Order

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Our guest’s this week are:

Joe Kissack, Author of The Fourth Fisherman

Joe Kissack is a speaker, author, screenwriter, film and television producer, publisher, and entrepreneur. He has worked on a farm, cleaned out refrigerated swinging beef trucks, and served as a senior executive at Sony Pictures. A sought-after speaker, his speaking engagements include charitable events, churches and business conferences. He lives in Atlanta with his wife of more than 25 years, Carmen, and their two daughters.



Tom Siver, President/CEO  |  Siver Financial

Tom Siver is dedicated to helping his clients achieve maximum results with minimal risks. He has helpedprovide safety and security to his clients and their families, while ensuring that their legacy lives on longafter they have left. Tom’s goal is to protect his clients financial well being so they don’t run out of moneyand to help them reduce or eliminate their taxes when applicable. Tom has been spent almost 15 yrearsin the Financial and Insurance industry.  |  678-523-1964  |  @siverfinancial