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Actions Speak Louder Than Goals

You may have a killer strategy, a great product, and the best marketing talent on the planet; however, none of those will get your organization very far without realizing and leveraging the human spirit.  Setting goals mean nothing without focus, consistency, and accountability.  This week on Renegade Radio we are focusing on the psychology of achieving your goals, inspiring others and what is takes to be productive.  We have an outstanding panel of experts joining us:

Marv Reineke and Dane Van Breene are the owners of Pure Marketing Group, an Inc 500|5000 company.  Founded in 2006 with a mission to treat others in business and life the way that you would want to be treated.  That founding principle and will always be the mission of Pure Marketing.

Mark Myette is the founder of Global Institute for Inspiration A Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP) and leader in the American Society for Training& Development (ASTD) Association

Travis Dommert, President of  IRUNURUN, a company driven to help individuals and organizations achieve their potential through focus, consistency, and accountability.

Wireless and Cloud Computing

Wireless, Cloud Computing, Mobile…are huge buzz words right now, but what does it all really mean?  Listen as we break down the jargon and learn what Cloud Computing and Wireless Technology really are and how it affects the world we live in.   Our guests are experts in their fields:

Eric Dykes, CEO of United Technology Group (UTG) offers expertise in virtualization and migrating to the cloud and is most interested in getting to the heart of your business, understanding where you are today and where your future leads. With this information, UTG’s engineering and IT support staff will implement a forward-looking plan that is built around addressing your technology needs while also helping your business’s bottom line.  |  678-730-2828  |  |  @UTGsolutions


Wayne Carrel, President/CEO of AIRMESH Technologies is committed to taking cities truly wireless and turning them into one big “hotspot”. Wayne is the current President of the Johns Creek Business Association (JCBA), is involved with the Johns Creek and North Fulton Chamber of Commerce and the past board member and president of the Johns Creek Community Association.  |  | 678.898.9782

Consulting as a Strategic Weapon / The Age of Digital Marketing


Consulting as a Strategic Weapon

with Cornelius V. “Skeet” Spillane II of Midtown Consulting Group

Our first guest, Skeet Spillane has 20 years of experience directing companies through start-up, turnaround and growth modes.
Among his significant previous positions, Skeet served as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of  Midtown Consulting Group, an Atlanta-based consulting firm. He was Executive Director of EnterpriseOperations at North Highland Company, an Atlanta-based Management Consulting firm, and has worked with numerous start-up organizations in operational and technical roles.
Skeet has combined strong Operational and Process Skills with deep technical expertise to help organizationsin multiple industries and phases of growth.
In addition, Skeet is a former collegiate athlete and has coached many endurance athletes achieve theirpersonal goals in extreme endurance events. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional; Certified HIPAA Security Professional; Six Sigma Master Black Belt; an Ironman Triathlete and a USA CyclingCertified Coach.

Skeet Spillane


The Age of Digital Marketing

with Jennifer Dunphy of Vayu Media

Learn how to leverage the power of the web to enhance their personal and professional visibility.  We are honored to have the expertise of Vayu Media’s Jennifer Dunphy.  She is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vayu Media, a strategic Internet marketing solutions consultancy in Atlanta.   Jennifer is an expert in SEO, online and mobile marketing, and social media business solutions to establish a strong re-seller networkof advertising agencies, marketing organizations, and PR firms to drive significant new business growth for your organization.

To contact Jennifer and leverage the web to enhance your visibility:

Vayu Media



The Power of Franchises

How is it so many “traditional” businesses take years to turn a profit and others hit the Inc 500 in less than four?   Could it be the power of franchising?  Joining a franchise system has many benefits.  You have the chance to own your own business and create your own financial security, while eliminating the worries and pitfalls of going it alone.  There is value in being part of a team with the experience and interest in your success.  Join us Thursday at noon with two franchise experts to learn about the allure and success in the franchise industry.

Our expert panel on The Power of Franchising on Renegade Radio are:


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